Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unilateral Action against our enemies

I have long supported the use of unilateral military force against enemy states. Those that threaten our security and freedom must be dealt with swiftly and harshly. The wheels of international diplomacy turn slowly, as is the course with any squabbling democracy. Iran has once again bitten its thumb at the West. Yes Iran is 5 to 8 years away from a nuclear weapon, but we are at a dangerous cross-road. There is no need for nation building, on that Rumsfeld and I agree. The Middle East is doomed to fanaticism regardless; "dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy."

It must never be forgotten that nothing really great in this world has ever been achieved through coalitions, but that such achievements have always been due to the triumph of the individual. Successes achieved through coalitions, owing to the very nature of their source, carry the germs of future disintegration in them from the very start; so much so that they have already forfeited what has been achieved.

If those Chinese and Russian pussies aren't prepared to help us bomb Iran back into the Stone Age we must go it alone as we did with Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Some Poll Results

We've had quite a few BBB polls over August, so it's time for a few results.

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Flexible Dreams

If men could suck their own cocks, there'd only be two things left for women to do, and they both start with the letter C.

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Tap that Ass

A beautiful ass is wonderful thing to possess. Be it fully clothed, barely visible through the condensation of the shower door, or pearly white naked as it stares up at you, hips raised, legs slightly apart, thighs quivering, just waiting for penetration. While there are many out there, there are few that compare to the tightness of Alizée Jacotey. Born in 1984 (yes she's legal), so incredible is this little package that one picture just does not do it justice. If you'd like to see Alizee topless, check out this video. Just typing the URL made me hard.

Would you tap that ass?
I'm all sticky
I'd love a bit of clit on clit action
No, I prefer fat chicks
Free polls from

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Inner Cloister

Hello children, Jasper has been rather active of late, "getting amongst it politik style." With the increased attention I've decided to update my profile so as it give visitors a more accurate picture of who I am. To answer the questions posed by MSG, my story is not one of a self loathing Believer, either in the literal or figurative sense.

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Childhood pussies

The problem with the youth of today is that they've been raised in a sterilised, cotton-wool wrapped environment. We tell fables and nursery rhymes of cats in hats, bears with porridge and lions without courage. Never mind the content, probably dreamed up during some liberal-minded drug-induced hallucinogenic hippy "freak-out fest." Where's the realism? Where are the stories that the youth of today can really learn something from? Where are the stories of teamwork? For example, the Anschluss Österreichs showed how great things could be achieved when people work together! What about the value of honesty and faith to one's own kind? A few stories from the Albigensian Crusade will teach children all they need to know about obeying sanctioned spiritual guidance. Lastly, nothing teaches small children about the consequences of misbehaving than a chapter from Revelations; statements like "an eternity in fiery agony while rats gnaw at your eyes, all because little Jane stole a cookie and then lied about it" really snaps them into shape.

I won't even begin to go into illustrations, suffice to say that they are piss weak. Possible replacements include some of Jan Luiken's fine work from Martyrs Mirror. Take the illustration below, think about how much more effective the US soldiers at Abu Ghraib could have been if they were given picture books like these as children.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Black Bile Box Mission Statement

"Black Bile Box - Stoking the fire of Democracy since 2006"

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Fuck you hi5friendstermyspacefacebook cunts!

People continually send me invites to join their social networking sites. Not a month goes by where some thankfully forgotten mind-wipe victim sends me the promises of making yet another 20 million new netwrok friends!!!!!1!!~! Let me be clear: I don't like you people, the reason I never talk to you should be evidence of that. Further, if you're the type of person who signs up to those privacy raping machines for reasons other than stalking, you automatically go into the draw for the "I fucking hate you and want to stab you in your reproductive organs" prize. Incidentally, I think it is classic that, known as HI5 or HIV in roman numerals, chose to name themselves after something as virulent and destructive as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, agent of the AIDS disease.

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The War on Bitches

Freedom-haters out there will tell you we're losing the war on terror because we haven't won the battle for hearts and minds. No. We're losing the war because too many of our fine young men are contracting syphilis and gonorrhoea by hoping into bed with "Good Time" Girls.

I think we need to start a radical re-education program with these posters displayed in prominent positions through out all major Western cities, starting with that haven of disease and prostitution: Birdee Num Nums.
Because remember kids, you can't beat the Axis if you get VD.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

A devilishly good read

(1) Any ugly and repulsive old woman, in a wicked league with the devil.
(2) A beautiful and attractive young woman, in wickedness a league beyond the devil.
I like the cut of Ambrose Bierce's jib, I think we'll be hearing more from this chap over time.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fridge Piggy

When I was young I bought myself a fridge piggy. I was fascinated and delighted by its light-sensitive operation; whenever you opened the refrigerator door it would oink away. The device was of course designed as a shaming mechanism to stop tubby people from opening the fridge. If only such a device could be imbedded into a woman's mouth at birth.

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Starving Patriots

I was devastated to hear that the Indian restaurant themed after the world's greatest leader has been forced to change its name. One person went so far as to say that The Man had perpetrated "heinous crimes against humanity." Really though, when Mr Solomon said "heinous crimes against humanity," didn't he really mean "acts of genius"?

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Would you hit it?

Readers, you adore the female form. How could you not? This curvaceous masterpiece often makes a late Friday night request to 'gird one's loins'. In that spirit I've decided to expand the ogling category.

I'd like to hit Holly ...
Daily, nightly and ever so rightly
On a grassy meadow in amongst the wildflowers
In the vagina for being such a troll
Free polls from

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bye bye Telstra

John Howard announced today that the Government would be selling half of its remaining share in Telstra. I for one couldn't agree more with this decision, if the Government won't protect national monopolies, who will? Think of the economic boom for Telstra board members everywhere. Now everyday Australians will get to enjoy the same high-quality and competitve infrastructure for generations.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

A sensitive cock

There are all together too many homosexuals in this world. Once upon a time the world knew what to do with these men. While I can't openly endorse sterilisation, there are other publicly acceptable alternatives; my favorite of these is "deprogramming." One of the great men spearheading this campaign is Richard Cohen, from his own web site: Cohen is "an expert in sexual reorientation therapy - both as a counselor and through his own personal experience transitioning from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation in the 1980's." Here's a man who's not afraid to stand up and proclaim "I was once a turd burglar, a marmite miner, an ass pirate; but today I'm a happy and well adjusted male in a fulfilling heterosexual relationship with a Korean woman who doesn't at all look like a man." Bravo Richard.

I particularly love this quote by Richard "there are numerous causes of SSA [Same Sex Attraction], for example: lack of bonding with same-sex parent, over attachment with opposite-sex parent, same-sex peer wounds, hypersensitivity and sexual abuse." You hear that women, it's all your fault. It's like I've been saying all along, women are the reason we have so many gay men in this world; if there weren't any women, there wouldn't be any reason to be gay.

I for one am hoping that medical science proves the existence of a "gay gene". With rapid identification, a deprogramming regime can then be integrated into schools, preferrably following religious services to produce a double shame whammy. In time, parents will then have the option of gene shopping, where they can, God willing, "switch off the gay."

Now some of you may argue that homosexuality is just part of nature, that many species partake in it. Well I'm here to tell you God-haters that we are not animals. 6000 years ago man was created from a pile of dust; never mind that we share 98.4% of DNA with chimpanzees, a species that also participates in homosexulaity, 98.4% isn't 100%!

So remember men, if you've ever been in an embarrasing situation where you've become aroused by another man's genetalia, be it in the shower, the school locker room, or the latest glossy edition of the hardcore "Latin Inches" magazine, you too can seek help. Together we can one day rid the world of this terrbile affliction, one cock at a time.

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Bitches, these legs are closed

This evening I was out and about with society's upper class, wining, dining, fitching. During my travels I met up with two French exchange girls. The act was laid down and it wasn't long before these bitches were hooked. Not an uncommon occurrence these days, it's rare for me not to leave without the phone number or panties of a desired girl. Smooth as ice I played the friends off against one another; it was awesome. Before long, these two girls who had developed a friendship while living here, suddenly turned on each other like cats, vying for my attention with stories while pushing the other down with snide comments. Sorry fuggers, I'm not calling, I just like fucking with stupid women.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kryz, telling it like it is

I was so impressed with Kryz's latest comment that I thought I would share it with all of you.

"We're too fucking conservative and prudish [in Australia]. I love nothing more than seeing two young things just going at it hammer and tonk out in the open, doing as they fucking please.

Who gives a fuck if the kiddies may see it? They're gonna see it some day, and if there is anything we can do for future generations, it's to make the young ones confident about getting nude and rude with their chosen squeeze.

No one likes a timid frigid tonk."

I couldn't agree more Kryz; nobody likes a timid frigid tonk. Perhaps this country needs a national 'Fuck in Public' day. We could sell little plastic blue lotus flowers, or pink tacos. Never mind that sex in private may be a cornerstone of human evolution, I say we do it like Bonobos!

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Titties on air in Sweden

Haha, I love sex on national G rated television. This clip shows a news broadcast in Sweden. At around 4:00 to 4:30 over the guys left shoulder you start to see two people fucking. Apparently there were no complaints from people watching the show live. No one really knows that they've seen it. But they did.

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Comments and Linking on Black Bile Box

Hello Bitches. Well, commenting on BBB has really started to pick up. This is great news as it seems not everyone is afraid to leave a digital footprint here. Remember, if you really are a pussy, you can post anonymously like this bitch. As few of you have probably noticed there's a Recent Comments panel down there on the lower right. Yes that's right, I don't think much of my readers' scrolling ability. As I have just learnt, this is not in chronological order, so if I don't reply to your comment it's generally because I hate you, not because I missed it; Daz I'm looking at you. Blame those stupid fucks Larry and Sergay over at Google.

This brings me to another sensitive topic. Link bombing. You love this blog and I love you in return for it, in only that special way a man can love a bag of slowly drowning kittens. But like all geniuses I'm an attention seeking narcissist, so blog me hard and fast patriots, because viewers feed my lust. Don't be afraid to show your support, together we can beat the liberal bias and return the Internet to its original intent, a military information redundancy system to be used in the event of global thermonuclear war. And the distribution of pornography.

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Beckinsale's Breasts

Take a gander at these triple B's: Beckinsale's Beautiful Breasts. So chaps, would you embrace these life giving candy shops?
What appendage would you rub against Beckinsale's breasts?
My cock
My hands
My balls
My tongue
My clitoris
Everything, I'm an hermaphrodite
Free polls from

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Female Finances

The other day I was watching Deal or No Deal on television. When I tuned in they had this early 30's woman up on on stage. The woman was repeatedly embarrased by her inability to handle simple maths, with the host correcting her there on national television. By the end I was laughing hysterically at the screen, I didn't realise Deal or No Deal was also a comedy.

This was yet another example of why women cannot be trusted to handle finances. A new law must be introduced to correct this oversight. In all households in which there is a male present, the earnings of a woman must be deposited directly into his account. The withdrawal of these funds by the woman can only occur with the explicit written consent of the man. If there exists no male in the household, then a neighbourhood male financier must be used. This overseer handles the finances for all non-male households, where female neighbourhood earnings are deposited directly into his account, with written consent again required for withdrawals.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger filled with crap

Why are there so many non-English blogs on Blogger? Google must fix this by automatically converting every blog to English, thereby forcing the authors to learn this great language! Everyone knows English is the most widely spoken language in the world. I know this, because my gut tells me it's true.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Freedom of expression

I'm a strong proponent of freedom of expression, especially when it's in the best interests of this nation. I support a man's right to tell his wife to shut the hell up while he's driving, I support a man's right to yell at a shrieking bus load of left-wing hysterical feminists that pre-emptive military invasions are they only way to show the world who's in charge. I even support the freedom of speech in religion; if my priest wants to get on television and proclaim that God wants us to rain nuclear fire down on these Islamic heathens, I'll be there holding the camera. But I'll tell you who doesn't respect the freedom of speech, those liberal-thinking European bohemians. This sir is a fucking outrage. If Latvians want to show their infatuation with the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of power of the romanticised German state, I say encore! Volksverhetzung; bah!

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Truth time girls

Let's talk about sex. More specifically, lets talk about the female genetalia, the vagina. Girls, we don't know what you did to get stuck with such a wonderful slippery slide, but we're glad you did. However there are a few little things we'd like you to do for us in return for penetration. We begrudgingly accept that you require a little more attention than males. It's OK; some of us are sympathetic to your cause. I see it more as that type of feeling you get when you see a disabled person; you know, disgust. Anyway, some of my fallen brethren care to indulge this weakness in an oral fashion. No need to mention trimming, that's mandatory in most cases. But ladies, please, take a goddamned shower before we put our mouths down there. You come home from work, whip off your panties, and down we go. It's like we're licking a dirty armpit; it can taste truly vile. "Hahaha, oh you Jasper, such a kidder with the ladies." Bitches no; I am not kidding. It gets sweaty, there's rubbing, and it's pretty close to the other exits down there: bacteria fuck in that thing. Next time, show your gratitude with a little cleanliness.

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Word play

Ever notice how "Leb-a-non" sounds like "Les-b-ian"? Shit, no wonder they're fighting over that country.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I still love you Mel Gibson!

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Refugee network

Refugees are a lot like network packets. Little families of information get chopped up, stuck in tiny little containers, addressed, and sent off all over the world. Along the way they are diverted to numerous foreign ports, and travel along paths of varying quality. Some are lost along the way due to incorrect addressing, others simply die in transit when their TimeToLive = 0. Those that do reach their correct destination are sometimes dropped because they got corrupted in transit, while others are simply dropped when things get too hot at the local router and they can't handle anymore packets. It begs the question, are people just little packets of information? Whatever the similarities, I think we can all agree that no one cares about a container full of dead refugees.

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I hate IM

MSN 8 blows harder than my ex girlfriend.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not a fan of surveys

From the lacklustre returns on both Black Bile Box polls I can tell you're not a fan of reciprocal communication. That's OK, that's how I like my women. So fuck you, no more polls.

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Show Alba your love with sticky key syndrome

Back for another round of titties. There are few women out there who arouse my carnal desires more than Jessica Alba. She is just too hot to desecrate with red circles.

Jessica Alba makes me
Wish I were her g-string
Want to turn lesbian
Free polls from

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My teen angst

Livejournals gave rise to something hideous. They single-handedly raised the Internet Shit Ratio by 10 (ISR = shit information/quality information). When the whinygates opened, a torrent of pure unadulterated Western stool, straight from the living rooms of middle-class families, flowed onto servers everywhere. The Internet began to groan under the pressure. The critical infrastructure that carried these little bits and bytes of joy began dropping; routers and switches the world over began shedding tears of empathy and agony, single-handely short-circuiting themselves into oblivion in some bizarre display of pact-suicide. Little did we know that it would soon give birth to something even more horrific; teen goth poetry. Tim Berners-Lee once remarked “You affect the world by what you browse”. If that were true, the world would have committed suicide 5 years ago.

I stand before you pimply faced skinny teens with an important message, the world hates you. It has singled you out, your precious emotional existence, and decided for you a fate of pain and disappointment. You're right, they won't ever notice you, and yes, you are completely worthless, and yes, oh God yes, nobody but your Livejournal friends understand you. It is possible to cry yourself to death, just ask Neang Kong-Rei. If you're really lucky, you may even turn yourself into a lump of inanimate carbon and finally provide some use to the planet. So please, cry into your pillows until they flow like a river of misunderstood angst.

The problem today is that we lack community. We need to bring back group orientated social structure. Once upon a time your parents would simply ship you off for a 5 year stint in the Deutsches Jungvolk. I tell you, nothing builds moral fibre and social responsibility like a loaded rifle and a moral compass from God. I can think of nothing more terrifying, an Emo Army. They would be the first wave in any frontal assault. Their aim would be to make the enemy kill themselves with tears and bayonets.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why men fall asleep after sex

It's a question that boggles the mind of women everywhere; so popular is this question that they've even written a book about it. I feel this topic deserves some more attention. I'm doing this for you girls.

Some of the reasons why men fall asleep after sex:

1) We're hoping you're gone when we wake up
2) We drugged the wrong drink
3) We interrupted you making us dinner, so when we wake up you'll have it done. Won't you? Yes. I don't want to have to tell the neighbours you walked into the door again. ha ha haa. You can only break so many ribs on a door handle you know.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Unsung Hero

I love killing niggers. Dead niggers by the dozen. And by that I mean the black caterpillar of the turnip sawfly. Just ask Edward Blyth, he coined the term in his 1849 work Cuvier's Animal kingdom.

I'm kind of torn now though, clearly Edward used the term in the pejorative sense. Through science he was telling the world that we should gas all the niggers, just like the turnip sandfly. This is precisely why science was invented; to confuse and instil panic in the masses through the use of big words and fear of the unknown, much like government. I support your call to arms, Edward! But Edward is also a HERETIC, he played a major role in introducing the world to the theory of Natural Selection. The world was created 6000 years ago Edward, end of story!

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Date time format cuntery

I hate the goddamned American way of date-stamping files mm-dd-yyyy. Holy shit, half the time you never know if you're looking at something from the 11th of August, or the 8th of November. Jesus, I support your choice when it comes to preemptive military invasions, but shit, name your goddamn files the same as the rest of the world. Oh and dump the imperial system already. WHAT THE FUCK IS A ROOD?

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Monday, August 14, 2006

The art of pleasuring thyself

While infrequent, there are weekends when I come home without a fresh catch. It's true, I cry myself to sleep, but not before I go to town down there in Southern Lebanon where the action is. In those cases I like to consult the book of Advanced Masturbation techniques. I've been at it for over 50 years now, and I still picked up a few interesting moves, my favorite being this one.

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Tits Time!

I promised you all, and now it's here. Tits. Big lucious beautiful tits. This time they belong to Gail, not that it really matters. Let your cock do the talking.

Gail Porter's tits make my cock ...
I lost mine in battle
Free polls from

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Zoom" gets 0%

HAHAHA "Zoom", the new movie starring Tim Allen, is a complete and utter dismal failure, scoring 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. HAHAHAHHA. Your film is like dog shit that has been eaten by another dog, who is then run over by a dump truck, who is then scrapped off the road by a street sweeper, picked up and eaten by a kid, shat back out, flushed down the toilet and recycled into city drinking water. PUTRID SHIT THAT'S NOW SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

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Germans, they're everywhere!

One thing that pisses me off about our post Holocaust Industry society is that we still haven't woken up from the daze. Whenever some spotlight personality, be they a writer, a pope, or one of the many others that has been found to have served in the German army during the Third Reich, it's a major fucking media spectacle. Jesus christ, it's like they expected Germany to have fought World War II with no fucking soliders. Somebody nearly gave Britain a fucking spanking, and it wasn't just the plebs. Dickheads. Most people were forced to fight out of fear of persecution. I wonder if in 60 years time, when US world dominance has crumbled, if we will spit on the names of soliders who once fought in the American army during the time of Abu Ghraib.

I wouldn't, those fuckers deserved a car battery to the testicles.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

One week old

So Black Bile Box is now one week old, its teeth are cut and the Internet is horrified. Reading around it seems Black Bile Box has been garnering quite a bit of attention. Yes I'm great, I know it, you know it, and even God himself knows it. In fact one of God's guilty little pleasures, aside from massacring the Jews, is opening up a browser and surfing on over to read my latest entries. Now that I've opened up the comments to allow randoms, he's even promised to stop by.

You've all been great; Kryz your early support has been like that moment of ejaculation through a path of dreary foreplay, it kept me pushing forward. Prof K, I was delighted by your comment "Remarkable effort. Rivals the Bible, even the Qur'an, in factual content!", because if there's something Black Bile Box needs more of, it's blasphemy. And finally Splunge, while your open allegiance with this site is a move that's bound to cost you your next job interview when they Google you, your staunch support of equal rights in the face of this is truly admirable.

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Why men fall asleep after sex

There's a new book out called "Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?" I could have saved them about 300 pages. What comes out of a woman's mouth is nothing but white noise. Once we've fucked them, we no longer need to fight the urge to fall into a boredom-induced comma.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

[username] - Insert some inane philosophical dribble

Something that shits me to no end is the useless dribble people put in the message next to their MSN username. I swear to christ I just want to block you people on principle. Those messages that you think are all deep and meaningful, they're not. Putting them there does not make you sound smart; you are not smart. Deal with it like everybody else; fight valiantly against the inanity of your life, secretly believing that you're not just a number, that you too could have been a famous movie star or scientist like mummy and daddy used to tell you, before eventually giving in to quiet apathy with your cubicle and 1.75 children. And don't worry, that fear of incontinence and fading concupiscence will be on you soon enough.

[username] Sounds like a pretty sweet way to go though. 1.75 children, you get to eat the other 0.25!

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Fuck me it's cold

I just stepped outside to briefly hurl rocks at the neighbors cat, and holy shit, my cock shrunk up 4 inches. Luckily that still leaves me with an additional 6 with which to pleasure the bitches that are coming over shortly. Oh and if you're wondering, I have a 10-inch ruler tattooed down the inside of my leg.

And yes that's right ladies, I do walk around naked.

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High Tech Gold diggers

This study claims that 3 out of 4 of today's modern women would prefer to get their stimulation from an electronic device than from a polished stone. No, what this study says is that 4 out of 4 women are gold-digging vampires who are only interested in us for our money and power because they can't suceed in life on their own.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'll show you how to touch a man, bitch

Women on national television are always whinging about how their husbands don't understand how a woman's body works, "mmhmm". I got news for you bitch, most women don't know jack about how a man's body works. Your job is just made simple because of our superior sexual design; it allows us to reach fulfillment easily. You see, we have this failsafe 'up down up down' thing going, built-in especially so that even a complete retard like yourself couldn't fuck it up.

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I loves my amphetamines

The other day I was at work and these babymaking dickstraps were talking about alternative therapies for the treatment of ADD. I chimed in with "maybe we should send them all to concentration camps." Nobody laughed.

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Tits and comments

Inspired by Kryz's recent comment I've decided women's tits should be regular feature on Black Bile Box. I think we can all agree that this can only mean good things.

I've also fixed up the comments so now any random can post. That's right spamsnatchs, I care about what you have to say. I'm especially interested in those of you who have the secret elixar to increase the length of my penis, or amount of my man-literage.

Just kidding, my cock's big enough. If you post that shit here I will hunt you down and beat you to death my with my 12" black rubber dildo. Why do I own such a device? Because I love teasing Texas women on my webcam.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blood Lust

Is it wrong to run around in video games, laughing hysterically while you unload double barrel shotgun rounds into the faces of unarmed civilians? At least I'm improving my accuracy rate.

Hahaha maybe I'm weise2. Hahaha.

Is he joking? Ok you guys have been great.

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Fuck you Peter Jackson Mild 30's

You know what pisses me off? Smokers. 3 times a day they cry "where's my smoko?" Fuck you lot, where's my blowjob break? My balls are as big as tomatoes, how can they expect me to work without my daily milking? Fucking dykes in parliment. We should never have given women the vote.

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Timeless words

"It is truly miserable to behold how our youth even now is subjected to a fashion madness which helps to reverse the sense of the old saying: 'Clothes make the man' into something truly catastrophic."

Fucking emos, The Man knew how to deal with degenerates.

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Intelligent Design

God's greatest achievement: the human male penis.

Even Google agrees. Doing a search, penis returns 53,500,000 hits, while vagina returns only 25,300,000. That's right boys, you're twice as popular if you have a cock.

In fact the design of my penis is so intelligent, I'm going to let it do more of my thinking. Now imagine a world where men everywhere thought only with their cocks. Beautiful.

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Sally Williams Tits

Here they are in their massively undercontrasted glory, that Brand Power lady's rack. In my efforts to uncover this shitty image of her I stumbled across a stunningly relevant article: "Would you nail the Brand Power lady...?"

I think we all know the answer to that one.

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The television series M*A*S*H is being rerun again, this time on Channel 7 at 5pm. I wholeheartedly agree with the Channel 7 executives, not a single fucking piece of decent G-rated television has been produced in the last 23 years. Anywhere.


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Monday, August 07, 2006

Titillating Sitters

Like all men I like to look at naked women. That's right boys, I'm unavailable. Searching for serialz you can't help but come across some truly magnificent works, I'm sure you've all seen them: Girls gone Wild, Bang Bus, Barely legal Teens, all great sites.

The other day I came across "Exploited Babysitters", pun intended. The language is simply exquisite, like the feel of silk as it runs across your scrotum. Just take a look: "Twins aren't very common. Hot, 18 year old twins are even less common so, I'm happy to have two of them working for me. Anyway, when it came time to give out bonuses I could only give one, and let's just say things became...competitive...for my cock!" Move over Tolstoy, there's a new player in town!

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XML Feeds - Learn to use them, ponycunt

I've been kind enough to include some RSS and ATOM feeds for Black Bile Box. I know how much you love this site, so don't just fellate me, swallow my feed as well.

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MSN - Go fuck yourself

You know the problem with having an overly populated MSN contact list? People want to talk to you. Fuck off already buddy, I'm not interested in what you have to say. If only MSN had a way allowing you to appear visible only to certain contacts, and only to receive event messages (sign-in) for these contacts.

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Afternoon Gawk

Boobies, funbags, titties, whatever you call them, the chick on the Brand Power commercial has a big set. The little bit of pink bra showing over the top is a nice distraction from the boring shit she's pushing.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tickets Please

My name's Jasper and I'll be your conductor on this perverse jaunt through a modernist's perspective. Like the fleshy overtones of a chivvied vulva, or the rubicund cheeks of an inebriated paedophile, may you know such warmth upon reading the transcriptions of this festering nous.

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