Monday, August 21, 2006

Truth time girls

Let's talk about sex. More specifically, lets talk about the female genetalia, the vagina. Girls, we don't know what you did to get stuck with such a wonderful slippery slide, but we're glad you did. However there are a few little things we'd like you to do for us in return for penetration. We begrudgingly accept that you require a little more attention than males. It's OK; some of us are sympathetic to your cause. I see it more as that type of feeling you get when you see a disabled person; you know, disgust. Anyway, some of my fallen brethren care to indulge this weakness in an oral fashion. No need to mention trimming, that's mandatory in most cases. But ladies, please, take a goddamned shower before we put our mouths down there. You come home from work, whip off your panties, and down we go. It's like we're licking a dirty armpit; it can taste truly vile. "Hahaha, oh you Jasper, such a kidder with the ladies." Bitches no; I am not kidding. It gets sweaty, there's rubbing, and it's pretty close to the other exits down there: bacteria fuck in that thing. Next time, show your gratitude with a little cleanliness.


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