Sunday, August 13, 2006

Germans, they're everywhere!

One thing that pisses me off about our post Holocaust Industry society is that we still haven't woken up from the daze. Whenever some spotlight personality, be they a writer, a pope, or one of the many others that has been found to have served in the German army during the Third Reich, it's a major fucking media spectacle. Jesus christ, it's like they expected Germany to have fought World War II with no fucking soliders. Somebody nearly gave Britain a fucking spanking, and it wasn't just the plebs. Dickheads. Most people were forced to fight out of fear of persecution. I wonder if in 60 years time, when US world dominance has crumbled, if we will spit on the names of soliders who once fought in the American army during the time of Abu Ghraib.

I wouldn't, those fuckers deserved a car battery to the testicles.


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