Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unilateral Action against our enemies

I have long supported the use of unilateral military force against enemy states. Those that threaten our security and freedom must be dealt with swiftly and harshly. The wheels of international diplomacy turn slowly, as is the course with any squabbling democracy. Iran has once again bitten its thumb at the West. Yes Iran is 5 to 8 years away from a nuclear weapon, but we are at a dangerous cross-road. There is no need for nation building, on that Rumsfeld and I agree. The Middle East is doomed to fanaticism regardless; "dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy."

It must never be forgotten that nothing really great in this world has ever been achieved through coalitions, but that such achievements have always been due to the triumph of the individual. Successes achieved through coalitions, owing to the very nature of their source, carry the germs of future disintegration in them from the very start; so much so that they have already forfeited what has been achieved.

If those Chinese and Russian pussies aren't prepared to help us bomb Iran back into the Stone Age we must go it alone as we did with Iraq and Afghanistan.


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