Friday, August 11, 2006

[username] - Insert some inane philosophical dribble

Something that shits me to no end is the useless dribble people put in the message next to their MSN username. I swear to christ I just want to block you people on principle. Those messages that you think are all deep and meaningful, they're not. Putting them there does not make you sound smart; you are not smart. Deal with it like everybody else; fight valiantly against the inanity of your life, secretly believing that you're not just a number, that you too could have been a famous movie star or scientist like mummy and daddy used to tell you, before eventually giving in to quiet apathy with your cubicle and 1.75 children. And don't worry, that fear of incontinence and fading concupiscence will be on you soon enough.

[username] Sounds like a pretty sweet way to go though. 1.75 children, you get to eat the other 0.25!


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