Monday, September 11, 2006

Ride the blond pony

Paris Hilton's new CD is so bad you'll want punch yourself in your vagina if you buy it. No one could possibly purchase or waste value bandwidth stealing this anti-melodic atrocity. It's so bad that it needs to come with the following label: "Warning, purchasing this CD will increase your likelihood of vaginal tearing by 80%."

I don't normally support non-state-sanctioned acts of dissidence, but Bansky did the British community a fucking favour by replacing her CD and cover art with his own remixes. The fact that no one complained about the varying contents can only mean one of two things; (a) people who are sufficiently retarded to want to purchase a Paris Hilton CD couldn't tell the difference either visually or musically (40 Meg, linking post), or (b) upon leaving the store the customer realised the horrendous mistake they did and proceeded to blow their brains out all over the sidewalk.


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