Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where are all the role models?

Today while watching The Transporter I was struck by the similitude used in movies to portray baddies. In many action films you can always tell who the bad guy is when the female star goads the bad guy into punching/slapping her in the face.

To be honest I'm a little confused by this connection; whenever I've struck my woman she's always been profusely apologetic, claiming it was her fault, and that she deserved it. In the majority of cases this is true, but even when it's not the woman should simply consider this back pay for all the little mistakes she hides from her man. It's little wonder that we're seeing a decline in morality across the Western world; slowly our fabric of order and discipline is being eroded by these erroneous cultural messages.

I strongly believe Hollywood filmmakers and authors need to rectify this situation immediately. There are numerous examples where male dominance could be layered into existing storylines. Take for example the Superman series, were Superman to backhand Lois Lane across the room every now and then, not only would it make the film orders more enjoyable, but young men everywhere would learn a valuable lesson about how to deal with hysterical women. Another scenario could be at the conclusion of Rocky I, when Adrian runs to hug Rocky. Rather than embracing his woman, Rocky should give her a swift right hook, preferably breaking her cheek bone, in return for doubting Rocky and not wanting him to fight in the first place. These are just two examples, but there are many more for which legislation should be drawn up to force Hollywood to re-shoot these scenes.


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