Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crazy John's forums at massively reduced prices!

I think that all forum threads which discuss religious or political content should come with a big seizure-inducing .GIF at the start with a warning that the resulting cerebral damage of the seizure will probably be less than the damage caused from reading the thread.

In order to engage in democratic fire stoking I'm forced to read these vortexs of hate, hypocrisy, emotional ranting and misery, and each time I do I feel like I've hammered yet another 4.5 inch nail into my frontal lobes.

I compare the types of people who inhabit these caves to the mentally disabled rats we run through mazes; you know, the type that keep pressing the button which jolts them with a 20,00o volt electric current rather than rapidly learning to press the one which dispenses food. Let me save you all some time: you're not going to change anyone's opinion. Any discussion by partisan supporters, the type who are committed enough to debate on political forums, is purely an emotional one.

To summarise the study: "When 30 self-described partisans were presented with contradictory quotes about the [political] candidates ..., it was the portions of the brain that process emotion, not rational thinking, that became active. "The thinking caps went off and the feeling caps went on," [normally] a brain faced with contradictory information will fire up the zones where reason or rational thought happens. [Additionally, the] research does demonstrate that centrists or independents are more able to process rational and non-emotional political information."

But it's not all bad, at least these people (both left and right-wing) are in there wasting their time rather than outside damaging society. Keep it up!


Blogger kryz said...

You raise a brilliant point here, Jasper.

I think this post illustrates something I've been feeling for a while now. The internet purely exists for people to give their opinion, talk and write whatever they want. Hey, it's their right!

Realistically this is creating a society of people who are indoctrined to only speak and not listen.

People read other's posts and blogs and what not, just as opportunity to reply. (Hypocritical I know!)

This continual self gratification is a scurge. Many people are now so caught up in their own little world, and projecting their own joys and griviences, they forget the beauty of listening to and reading informative discourse and challenging their own belief structure for their benefit.

9/03/2006 4:43 pm  

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