Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fatties on Air

If you're ever at home during the day you're bound to channel surf across a couple of midday television shows. I'm so fucking goddamned sick of seeing these gratuitous American whining women talkback sessions. It seems like they all have a contract to do at least five 'fat people are beautiful too' shows per season. Here's an insider hint from reality: you're not beautiful, and guys with a healthy Body Mass Index will never think you are. What they are doing is pandering to the stay-at-home female demographic, which being American is almost certainly overweight and self-loathing. These shows are not telling you that it's OK to be a blimp, what they are doing is telling all you fat people what you'd like to hear. These shows are the worst kind of perversion and manipulation, they do nothing to solve the problem and instead prey on the fears and vulnerabilities of stupid people; that's the Internet's job! Snap out of dream land girls, get off the couch, and get those Twinkie fat rolls you call fingers stuck down your throat.


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