Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yellow wisdom meets Aryan science

Earlier this week I was mulling over the wisdom of Confucius; even for a 2,500 year old Chinaman he had some forward thinking ideas. As my friend Methusael remarked "I'm all for equality, but the suggestion that women are somehow equal to men is absurd. I just see them as semen receptacles." I couldn't agree more, and now the magic of science backs up what men the world over have known to be true all along, that women are intellectually inferior. There's a reason that women have always cleaned the floors, changed the nappies, looked after the kids, cooked the dinner, and given oral sex upon request: it's because that's all their feeble minds are capable of doing. After all, Eve came from Adam, she's just a low quality immoral knock-off of the real deal; the image of God.


Blogger kryz said...

Nice work on the mid paragraph font change, idiot.

But that aside, a close chum of mine always said:

"If they didn't have cunts, we'd through rocks at them." - slip


10/04/2006 1:29 pm  

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