Friday, October 13, 2006

A loving hand

The degeneration of Western society into a morass of depravity, infidelity, insolence and sloth can be attributed to two things, feminism and a lack of childhood discipline. The UN has released a report which examines child abuse throughout the world, claiming it is both widespread and often socially acceptable. To those nations targeted by the report, let me be the first to say congratulations. A nation's mettle is proven not just on the battlefield but in the home. By ensuring order and discipline is adhered to, women and children have a structured environment by which their place in society is assured.

From the report "six million children have been forced into work and many more have become prostitutes." This is a good thing, be it working in a coal mine, carrying a rifle or sewing wallets for Western markets, these jobs teach 5 year olds essential life skills, and provides a boon for the economy. As for prostitution, well lads, if you don't ask for their age it can't be a crime.

While I disagree with much of the report there is one statement I support "This is the moment to recognise children as ... mini-human beings ... the property of their families". Damn straight UN, damn straight.


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