Thursday, October 26, 2006

Local muslim prompts cheering over female dress comments

It's a rare day that I agree with a sand nigger, but the strong and pure words of Australia's Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali have prompted me thusly to congratulate him. In a poignant discussion regarding the dress standards of women, the Sheikh noted that "women who did not wear a hijab (head dress) were like "uncovered meat"", and that through these actions would be "attracting sexual assault". Bravo Sheikh, bravo. It is absolutely the fault of the woman for attracting sexual or verbal assault. Why? Because it is always a woman's fault.

How can a man be expected to control his sexual urges when they are orders of magnitude more powerful, and important, than those of woman? If I want to whip out my cock on sight of a beautiful woman, or feel the need to rub it up against the soft curve of her back while she walks by, how is this not my right as a man? Further more, taking a leaf out of Pakistani men, if my woman serves up my dinner cold, or is seen looking at another man, how is it not my right to to splash acid in her face? Granted this disciplinary measure may be a tad extreme if you still want to have sex with her, in which case the recently publicised waterboarding technique should be used. Yes yes, technically the Americans did charge a WWII Japanese solider with war crimes for using it, but it only adds to its potency for instilling a submissive personality.

The cleric and I however do disagree on one important point, I feel that a woman's honour can only be maintained by wearing as little clothing as possible, preferably none at all. How else can a man determine her sexual vitality, or "fuckability"?


Blogger kryz said...

This 'Shake' is a fucking cock smoker.

Let them get em out you fool!

That's why these desert monkeys are so up tight, let the ladies show what they got. I'd be pissed and want to blow shit up if I was in a lucky dip like that.

10/30/2006 1:02 pm  

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